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Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter

There are plenty of USB Type-C multifunction adapters around, helping us take charge of all the myriad of individual dongles we’d otherwise have to manage. Ugreen makes many of these. Their latest multifunction adapter adds a small improvement that can make a difference to those who often travel around with a notebook.

If you’ve had notebooks with USB Type-C (i.e. USB-C) ports for some time, especially those that exclusively used USB-C ports, you’ll might have a couple of multifunction adapters by now. It’s otherwise quite unimaginable to have to deal with many single-purpose USB-C adapters. The main differences between the many multifunction adapters out there are are mainly about what ports they include.

This 9-in-1 USB-C Multifunction Adapter from Ugreen has pretty much all the most common ports that anyone will need.

Starting on one of the long edges, you’ll see 3x USB 3.0 Type-A ports.

On the opposite side, you’ll see a SD card slot, a microSD (TF) card slot, HDMI port, and Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port. The HDMI port supports up to 4K @ 30Hz, and I tested it worked fine with my 4K TV. Oddly enough my QHD monitor will only run at Full HD resolution.

There’s a sole VGA port at one of the short edges. I know HDMI is getting really common, but in many meeting rooms I go to, VGA still remains the “lowest common denominator” supported by the projectors. It’s important for me that any USB-C multifunction adapter must support both HDMI and VGA.

Finally, at there is a USB-C port at the opposite side, where you’ll plug in a USB-C PD charger. This adapter supports up to 100 Watt USB-C PD. My Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 needs far less power, and it charges off this adapter just fine.

The attached cable at this end connects to a USB-C port on a notebook. This cable is also something that Ugreen has saw fit to improve in the new redesign of this adapter. It folds back under the adapter and locks in place for storage.

This way, when you carry this USB-C Multifunction Adapter in your bag, you don’t have a floppy cable dangling around getting stuck or caught in other items. It’s really just a small thing, but still, nevertheless, could be something that certain users may appreciate.

This 9-in-1 Ugreen USB-C Multifunction Adapter currently retails on Lazada at S$51.45 (after coupon discount), and on Shopee at S$56.09 (after coupon discount).

If you don’t yet know, Lazada Singapore is currently running a Mid-Year Festival Promotion from 18 – 25 June 2020! Ugreen has storewide flash sales of up to 80% off. Follow the store and spend $1.01 to get $1.00 off, and you can collect vouchers up to $25 off. Check out the Ugreen store on Lazada.


This Ugreen Multifunction Adapter has most of ports that anyone will need, including support for 100 W USB-C PD charging. The new design features a USB-C cable that tucks under the adapter for storage.

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