New SAF New Balance Shoes

180620093130I’m surprising myself by writing something about SAF PT shoes. But the new SAF New Balance shoes are pretty good, so it is something worthwhile to write about. It looks quite unique (in a good sense), and the mesh material that covers most of the shoes make the shoes very airy and comfortable to wear.

The New Balance shoes weigh about the same as the Brooks shoes, the other brand of shoes which are also available at the eMart. The New Balance shoes also seem to be more comfortable for me, probably because it is broader at the toes than the Brooks shoes are. The Brooks shoes seem to be broader at the base, which could mean that it is more stable (I’ve not actually tried it so I can’t really compare it with the feel of the New Balance). I think the New Balance shoes are more flexible too.

180620093131But what is most interesting about the New Balance shoes is the mesh material that covers most of the shoe. You can actually see through the mesh. That also means that the shoes breathe really well, and lots of air gets through as you run in them. I think there might be the psychological feeling with cooler feet that makes you feel lighter and thus run better.

I took the shoes out for an early run yesterday morning. In the early morning, the air is cool enough that I don’t think the mesh material made any difference anyway. But I imagine that it could make a little bit of difference when you’re using it later in the day. In my camp, the IPPT 2.4km run usually happens around 9:30am or 5pm. At those times, the mesh material probably would feel good if the sun is shining strong.

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