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WordPress Blogging from Nokia N97

IMG_2630One of the things I missed in the Nokia N97 is Lifeblog. It is a Nokia application that enabled me to post directly to my WordPress blog directly from my phone. I was doing this on my N95 8GB previously. However, it seems like there’s no more Lifeblog in the N97. It had apparently been dropped since the S60 3rd Edition FP2 software. Fortunately, I learnt that there is a solution.

Lifeblog has apparently been replaced by Share Online. The problem with the latest Share Online 3.0 is that it does not permit you to configure additional web services apart from its built-in Ovi, Flickr and Vox services. What if you want to post to some other web service, what about your own blog site?

It turns out that you can configure Share Online after all. This has been quite well documented by PhoneBoy. If you already have the Lifeblog-WordPress integration script already working in your WordPress installation, then you basically just need two more things:

  1. The shareonline.php file.
  2. A favicon.svg file.

When you’ve put everything into your WordPress site, just point the phone’s web browser to the shareonline.php file, save/open it, then go into Share Online app. You’ll now find a new service available for posting to your WordPress site.

That’s how I got my first blog posting from my N97.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Blogging from Nokia N97

  1. Hi There, Can u please help me with more details as to how to get wordpress working from my nokia n97. I have downloaded wordpress 8 but dont really understand where to go from there.



    1. Hi Kedar,

      The latest version of WordPress is 2.8.6. Are you referring to the right “wordpress”? Make sure you have WordPress working first before doing anything else. I’ve found the instructions from PhoneBoy to be quite detailed. Perhaps you can let me know where are you stuck at.

  2. i don’t understand the need for an extra application. I edit my blog from within opera 10 fine. Is there an advantage to useing this extra addon ?

    1. Well, the native app makes it more convenient to attach images or other media, along with better integration with the phone’s UI (e.g. uploading an image along with some caption while browsing photos in the gallery). Of course, different people may have different needs, so perhaps the web browser might work just as well for you. 🙂

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