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Ian’s Full Month Bash

19072009345We celebrated Ian’s first month today. It’s actually tomorrow, but today is a Sunday and it’s a better choice than a Monday. The catering today was quite massive. We were embarrassed to have run out of food for Vanessa’s first month, so I guess we tried to make sure we had more than enough this time around.

We got cupcakes again. We ordered a big bunch from Cupcake Momma (photo above) to give to friends. It seems cupcakes have become a trend, everyone’s selling them. We chanced upon Crystal Jade’s cupcakes some weeks ago, and decided to order them as well, to be served at the party in place of the traditional birthday cake.

The main food catering was from Pines Kitchen, and there were many more dishes topped up from our own kitchen, including kid’s stuffs like pop corn and sausages.

We were left with lots of food this time. I think it was partly because this time there were quite a bit of no shows. It’s quite different from Vanessa’s party where people who had not RSVP’ed turned up. I wonder why. People are getting bored with first month bashes?

While writing this, I looked up my posting about Vanessa’s first month party. Many of the things said of Vanessa then seems to be the same for Ian now. Someone or other was carrying Ian. Ian’s rocker bed wasn’t used much except to transport Vanessa’s toy, and was pushed back to our house by their cousin.

Everyone says Ian looks like me. Everyone says Vanessa looks like the Wife. I can’t compare baby faces very well, but I’m glad it is balanced now. Boy looks like the papa, girl looks like the mummy, I guess that’s a good thing.

I think Vanessa was a little upset during the party when, at one point, she probably realized it was Ian’s party because everyone seems to be fussing over him. Fortunately there were plenty of people around to keep her occupied, and a few people were nice enough to bring a present for her.

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