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Baby’s 10th Month Update

Baby Vanessa is 10 months old today. This is how she looks now, sleeping with *ahem* her favourite pacifier. Vanessa now has 8 teeth, and she’s crawling around quite fast. It’s quite funny to see her crawling with Rascal and Phoebe running around her. Phoebe even rolls over to let Vanessa sayang her!

Last month, Vanessa had her DMSA scan at Gleneagles Hospital. This scan is used to detect scarring in the kidneys due to infection. The procedure was done under sedation as she was needed to be kept still. An IV line had to be set (which is needed anyway regardless of sedation). The last time, I wasn’t around when she had an IV line set at Mt Alvernia hospital. This time, I got to see and hold her while the nurses and anaesthetist tried to set the IV line. Vanessa cried and screamed a lot during the whole few minutes. Fortunately the actual insertion of the cannula was pretty quick. Most of the time was taken up trying to secure the line properly.

Good news is that the DMSA scan came back clean, so we can have some peace of mind.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This will be the first year we can go around collecting ang pows! (Even though it is on behalf of Vanessa…) Vanessa is being trained to perform the gong xi gong xi gesture. It is far from perfect, and it really depends on her mood, but hopefully it will be entertaining to everyone.

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