Sweet Vanessa

10082009586_2Here’s the sweet baby Vanessa napping on Papa’s chest/shoulders. Lately she’s been in the mood of “I dowan Papa”, so she’s usually sweetest to me when she’s asleep. Yeah, I even get free hugs in the middle of the night when we’re all asleep. I know, because I sometimes get woken up. Lately, the Papa goes to work, while the Mummy still stays at home, so I think Vanessa is getting a little annoyed not seeing me all day.

She was reluctantly coaxed to take a walk to the playground with me yesterday evening. I was going to test how well she takes to the playground, after using the fitness corner as a substitute for some time. I’ve been so used to automatically avoid the playground that I forgot she’s much more stable climbing around nowadays.

I sat Vanessa down at the top of the slide. That’s the usual straight down slide she used to slide down previously. But she got up, and walked around the platform. I was on the ground and quickly scrambled to follow in case she falls off the many places on the platform where she could fall off. However, she was quite steady (yeah, but accidents still do happen eh), and had headed to the opposite end where there was a spiral slide. The next thing was that she sat down and slid down the spiral slide.

Wah… advanced to spiral slide liao leh. Hmm, I’m thinking where else does she get a spiral slide. I’m guessing it must be her child care centre.

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