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Dozens of Nokia Phones For Testing

RDA Phone ListThere’s a broad range of Nokia phones available here. Flagship N-series models like the N97, N95 8GB. Music phones like 5800 XpressMusic. E-series models like E66, E71, etc. Plenty of phones, all available free-of-charge. Although the target users are really for phone developers to test their applications, even casual users could preview the software and functions available on these phones.

This is happening at Nokia’s Remote Device Access website. It is actually a virtual lab. You don’t actually get physical access to the phones, but through a Java applet interface, you have real-time access to the phones in Nokia’s lab. The website includes a system for selecting and reserving phones. If a phone is available, you could access it immediately. If not, or if you prefer to book a later time slot, you can use the reservation system to book your access to the phones. It’s a pretty neat system.

Nokia doesn’t let you make outgoing phone calls, send SMS or send MMS, but you can receive phone calls (though I guess there wouldn’t be anyone to talk to), receive SMS and receive MMS. I’d have expected for such a big multinational corporation like Nokia they would absorb the cost of such outgoing calls/messaging.

They do provide Wifi and Bluetooth access in the lab too. In fact, for GPRS phones, you could discover (as I did) the location of the phone. Of course, I assume that Nokia didn’t muck around with the GPS data to mask the real location of the phones. Nokia Maps reported the phone to be in Finland, as I would expect where the lab would have been.

It is also from this website that I gleamed a little tidbit of the N97’s v12.0.023 firmware. Yes, there is a N97 in the Remote Device Access loaded with v12.0.023 firmware.

Cool, I hope that means a firmware fix is coming for my N97 soon, which I hope will fix a bunch of things that are still broken with the N97. The most important for me, I think, is to get SyncML and iSync working again so that I can sync with my Mac OS X without jumping hoops through Google.

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  1. I have Nokia X3-02 about 6-7 months ago.. But it hangs when we use it for more than 15 minutes continuously.. Because of this i’m suffering a lot, so please tell me some suggestion to remove this problem..

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