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The Nokia N97 Mini

Nokia announced the new N97 Mini. It will look exactly like the original N97. It will practically have all the same features and specifications as the original N97. But it will be just a little smaller. How interesting. This is the first time, I think, that Nokia has tweaked an existing product and re-released it. The N95 8GB is not a tweaked N95, going by what Nokia did with the N97 to produce the N97 Mini.

The slightly miniaturized N97 Mini will be only just a little smaller: Original 117.2mm length reduced to 113mm, original 55.3mm width reduced to 52.5, and original 18.25mm thickness reduced to 14.2mm. Volume is down from 88cc to 75cc, and weight 150g down to 138g. So basically, the Mini is a sleeker slimmer N97.

The specs are otherwise just about identical. Of course, the original N97’s 3.5″ screen had to be reduced to 3.2″ in the Mini. Also, and I think this is a major issue, the battery capacity is reduced from 1500 mAh to 1200 mAh.

For such a powerhouse, I think a 1200 mAh battery might not last long enough. I don’t expect that the N97 Mini would consume any less power than the N97. The smaller display screen is not going to make an apperciable difference.

The Mini really looks like the N97. I wonder how well it will be received by consumers.

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