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Windows 7 to Launch at US$30

18092009983Apple’s Snow Leopard must really have put the pressure on Windows 7. Microsoft has announced a new educational pricing of just US$30. Yes, that matches Snow Leopard’s retail price of just US$29. But Microsoft’s offer applies only to college and university students, and the offer lasts till 3rd January 2009. I imagine that there will be similar offer available in Singapore too.

There’s a difference between Snow Leopard’s offer and Windows 7’s offer. Snow Leopard’s US$29 is for those upgrading from Leopard. That’s what Apple says, but users have reported that the installation DVD does allow you to upgrade from Tiger or install on a fresh hard disk too. It is available to anyone, students or not. Windows 7 educational offer is, of course, available only to qualifying students.

It seems like Microsoft is trying to counter Apple’s US$29 strike, which undercuts the usual retail pricing of Windows by about US$100. I guess all these competition is good for all consumers. Windows 7 will launch, on 22nd October 2009, is a little over a month away. Most people who have tried the betas and release candidates have good things to say about. I will certainly look forward to see the troubles that Windows Vista brought to us go away.

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