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Vanessa Eyes a $1K Bed

011020091142We went out to United Square a few days ago for some ice cream. The very budget conscious Vanessa chose McDonald’s over Ben and Jerry’s. After that, while baby Ian went to have his diaper changed, Vanessa and me waited outside. We were just at the corner where there is a Flexa shop located, which sells children’s beds. Vanessa noticed and was attracted to it. She strolled over to admire the beds. She turned back to look at me, I did not move.

I suppose Vanessa really wanted to check out the beds, so she walked into the shop all on her own. She went up to a bed, took off her shoes, and climbed into it. Hmm, I quickly followed her. By then, she was already crawling all over the comforter laid out on the bed. She got to a corner, tucked herself under the comforter, and made herself really comfortable. See how contented she is! (At home, she dislikes sleeping under a blanket! (Actually she has her own bed, she refuses to sleep in it.))

Ian was only watching, because he’s not yet crawling. (Oh he already came out after having his diapers changed.)

We eventually asked how much the bed cost. “About $1K!” It’s modular, so we can piece together another bed later for baby Ian. Then the whole set would be “about $2K”. It is a Danish product. The way they told us was like as if Danish products are superior and deserve a premium price.

I forgot to ask if mattresses were included. I suppose if not, that would be another few hundred dollars per bed.

Vanessa was having so much fun climbing up one of the beds that had a slide attached to it. Climb up the slide, then slide back down, repeat. I don’t know if our bedrooms are big enough to fit these beds.

Vanessa charmed the two staff in the shop sufficiently, they gave her a sweet as we left the place. Hmm how about giving a 50% discount?

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