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The Meaning of Shingz

photo-19I’ve just noticed that Shingz has become the top searched phrase that led to my blog, some 14 times more so than the next phrase. As a word on its own, it’s in number two place. In fact, if you just search for shingz right now on Google, the number one entry in the search result leads to this site. Oh my, I am riding on the popularity of Boomz and Shingz, and the success of Ris Low’s brand of English.

Since so many netizens have faithfully come here in search of shingz, I shall do a public service by offering the definition of the word, according to Ris Low’s brand of English of course.

What is Shingz?

“Shucks”, or “whatever”. Like “oh my god, this is so shingz. I can’t stand you anymore. Please talk to my hand.”

When I’m walking down the street, and a car stops in front of me, beep beep, I’ll look at him and say “shingz”. … It’s like another word for f**k.

So there you have it. The definition of shingz, according to the inventor of the word. If you’ve not been living on this planet recently, the above was learnt/heard from an interview with Ris Low by Shan  and Rozz on clicknetwork.tv at the Three Monkeys Cafe.

I think the Three Monkeys Cafe probably became a lot more well known after this episode, in case people haven’t heard of them yet. I haven’t eaten there, although now it is now moved up in priority in the list of places to try next. (I’ve heard of them, but haven’t particularly wanted to go there before.)

Incidentally, I did briefly think about how to capitalize on these new words. Pity, but both boomz.com and shingz.com domain names are already squatted on. In fact, even boomz.com.sg and boomz.sg are taken. Interesting, boomz.sg is an online t-shirt seller marketing a line of, well, boomz t-shirts. I think they also caught on to Apple’s i-everything, because they have iBoomz too.

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