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Do You Want Help to Locate Mas Selamat?

What is wrong with our police? Or our Home Affairs ministry? Do they want help, or do they not want help to track down and locate Mas Selamat? I cannot understand why little bits of information is taking so long to get out. First, we got photos of how he looked: One clean shaven and another with a goatie. Only later then do we get a side view photo. Were the photos not available since day one?

Today, we get to know about what clothes he wore, what slippers he had. Similarly, was this not known since day one?

What is going on? We are told he walks with a limp. It was later clarified that the limp is only evident when he runs or walks briskly. Hey, this is important information! Everyone who wanted to help would have been trying to recognize the photo (not so easy) and zero in on limping people! Why did it take so long to clarify the limping condition?!

First, we let an “important terrorist” escape from a place right smack in the centre of Singapore in broad daylight. Not a proper high security prison like Changi Prison, but in a detention centre without watch towers. Then, we’re now fumbling around with information released to public. I’m just wondering what really is going on?

2 thoughts on “Do You Want Help to Locate Mas Selamat?

  1. I think Mas Selamat is either hiding in the woods or in the residence of HDB flats yah so i think the police should look into the residencial side

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