Hawaii Day Eight – Island Drive

20091225526Day eight in Hawaii is Christmas Day. We went for a drive around the island of Oahu. It was only half the island, actually. In fact, it was even less than half the island. We planned to drive eastward, head toward Kailua beach, then turn west to Pali Lookout, then back into Honolulu and return home. This is supposed to be a scenic drive to take in the sights of the sea, the beaches, and the highlands. It’s the first longish drive after we got the rented car.

The first stop is the Halona Blowhole, which we had already visited on our own (wife and two kids, as opposed to the whole holiday party). The first time we didn’t really figure out where the exact blowhole spot was, but this time we did. As I posted previously, the blowhole wasn’t all that impressive.

We took a longish break for lunch at a local restaurant chain called Zippy’s. Food is quite good and reasonably priced. I had a Burrito and rice set meal, which came with soup, dessert and drinks.

Kailua beach was reasonably crowded. At the least, it was comparable to Waikiki and Ala Moana. I’ve come to realize that many of the beaches in Oaho are quite uniformly crowded. It is not as if there was something that was outstandingly popular. Perhaps the locals just help to balance out by heading to locations not overpopulated by tourists.

Pali Lookout wasn’t like at the highest point of the highlands (or nearly so) as I thought it should have been. It was nevertheless a nice lookout point over the windward coast of Oahu. It’s cool and windy up there. Maybe it was helped by the cloudy day too.

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