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Rain, Finally

It’s finally raining now in the afternoon of the second day of this Lunar New Year. I think this must be about one of the hottest ever Lunar New Year. It’s been so hot I already feel uncomfortable the moment I step out of the house to go anywhere. So thank goodness it is raining now. Oops. It seems it has stopped. But well, hopefully that brief shower cools down the ground a little, otherwise it feels as if the whole of Singapore was a giant frying pan.

All the house visiting, exchange of pleasantries and ang pows, the usual Lunar New Year things-to-do are getting too routine. I think the most outstanding thing of this Lunar New Year is the weather.

This month has been so busy that I actually hadn’t caught up with the usual list of shopping items I go through for the past seasons of Lunar New Year preparations. In fact, you might even have noticed that this blog hasn’t been regularly updated this month either.

An “incident” happened at work on the eve of this Lunar New Year that had my colleague spending about the entire day at the office. We take turns, actually, to tend to after-office hours “incidents”, but no one has yet had this misfortune of having a Lunar New Year holiday disrupted, so I think we all feel bad. Coincidentally, this incident was related to heat too. So I think this Lunar New Year is going to be remembered for the heat.

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