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Sidelines of the IT Show

For many years now, I’ve never been very keen to go to any of the computer shows, not unless there was something specific I wanted to get or to check out. There are probably some marginally better discounts that can be gotten at the show, but those discounts tend to also be available outside the show during that show period. So, there’s little point to jostle with the crowd.

The retailers are also pulling a lot of bluffs with their more aggressive sales tactics. For example, they will announce a very special price discount for a very limited number of items at an appointed time. If you hang around long enough, you realize that they actually have that very special price discount for more very limited number of items many more times during the rest of the day. So basically, you pay a very special premium to buy at the wrong time. I find these bluffs really irritating.

It’s interesting to see how the show has evolved through the years. They now have sideline events. Like clothing sale, bedlinen sale, shoes sale, perfume sale, etc. They aren’t part of the main show itself, but they are there. Even Carrefour advertises discounted beer at the show, although I didn’t quite get to see that. I suppose it is a smart way to capitalize on the crowd that the computer show will draw, and at the same time, perhaps present an all-around balanced attraction for a family outing. Not everyone in the family would be keen to see computers and other electronics, so they could go see other things.

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