Post ICT 2010 Review

Last year’s ICT achievement was about an arcade game. This year, I couldn’t advance to the next level because the fire button was broken. Oh, too bad. But we didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the mess anyway. What would this year’s most significant ICT achievement be? Hmm, I can’t seem to pin it down to anything specific. So perhaps I’ll just mention a few.

First of all, I had breakfast at the canteen only 3 times. Yeah. Every ICT I seem to spend too much time and eating too much at the canteen. After ICT is done, I feel like I’ve put on more weight. So starting the last ICT, I decided that I shall start cutting down eating at the canteen. There was some small degree of success the last year. But this year, it was down to just 3 breakfasts in 3 weeks.

Then, on a more serious matter, I walked down the runway of Tengah Air Base for the first time ever. Funny that after having been in Tengah for almost 20 years, it’s the first time I’ve actually set foot on the runway.

Finally, there is this matter of the field exercise. Actually, it was considerably very “low key” and relaxed. But everyone’s grown old, gotten unused to mosquitos, bees, and well, out-of-practice being in the field, so it was nevertheless a significant effort for us to be deploying out-field for the exercise. By dinner time of the first day, I was developing a migraine and… hmm, I was having half a mind to fall out. I probably would have, had my special indent of panadol not arrived. Thank goodness, the special delivery had good sense to get panadol extra instead of the plain panadol.

Despite some new blood injected into the flight, and everyone being very nice… well, I’m still looking forward to MR. 😛

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