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It’s Only Once Every 50 Years

I just heard about what the rain is doing to various parts of Singapore. Like turning Lucky Plaza’s basement into a swimming pool. It’s the kind of rain that happens only once every 50 years that has come to visit us again. Just only 209 days since the last time such a rain struck us (I think it was 19 November 2009).

I saw some pictures posted about the scene down on Orchard Road. It looks very third-world. Murky flood waters covering the roads, with stranded vehicles, even big vehicles like busses.

But don’t complain too much. Our government says it happens only once every 50 years. They must be very fast workers. That’s why 50 years of their time passes in about 209 days.

Funny, why do I remember that such floods were quite expected during my schooling days. That wasn’t 50 years ago either.

Lucky Plaza tenants are so lucky to have an indoor swimming pool. It’s apparently only a wading pool now, but I’m sure they can upgrade it to a full-sized swimming pool.

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