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Android 2.2 Froyo Source Code Released

Hmm, I must sound very geeky to be excited by the release of Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) source code today. There is already a Froyo ROM floating around the Internet, but it is only with the source availability that enables modders to build custom ROMs for various Android devices. Many Android users are happier with the custom ROMs than what originally shipped with their device. Even if it is a pristine ROM, like the one that comes with the Nexus One, that hasn’t been mutilated by any manufacturer.

But I’m a bit miffed by the fact that we still have to wait for the blessings of Google before we can see the light of the Froyo source. Isn’t it open source? If a built ROM can be floating around… then the source has got to be somewhere eh. Why in the world do we have to wait for Google’s blessings? Or that of the Open Handset Alliance? Okay, I’m sure that the legal terms allow them to do what they do. It’s just that the spirit of “open source” seems to have been slightly tainted.

Anyhow, the source is there, we should start to see wonderful ROMs emerging soon. The mods have proven to be much more interesting that the pristine ROMs. Or those defaced by hardware manufacturers. Phones are going to be just like PCs… you’d expect a quadrillion versions of Linux available on it.

And, we get the choice to have Flash. (I don’t mean the camera flash.)

[I just heard that the boss’ boss has an iPad too. Sigh. I wonder  why is the iPad so exciting?]

On another topic: I finally got around to upgrading to VMware Fusion 3.1. It boasts to be 35% faster. It better be. I haven’t been terribly impressed by its performance lately. Either my MBP is getting slower, or my expectations have gone up somewhat.

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  1. Can’t wait for official ROM upgrade for Galaxy S. iPad is ‘exciting’ because it has large screen. I find it very useful as replacement of dumb-terminal. now I can RDP/VNC/SSH to my machine and type with external keyboard on 1024×768 screen.

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