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Camera Window Protection for the N95 8GB

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protectorAfter having gotten my N95 8GB camera window replaced, I’ve decided to pay a bit more attention to protect the clear plastic camera window from damage. Now, there are all sorts of screen protectors for all kinds of gadgets. But has anyone seen tiny screen protectors specifically for the clear plastic camera windows? This camera window is just 1.5cm diagonally across only.

After scouring through forums and reviews, I’ve managed to come across some strong recommendations for the Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector. They have been described as being so clear that it is almost as if there was no additional layer of plastic in front of the camera.

When the Martin Fields package arrived, I immediately put the screen protector on for the Camera Window and Flash. I already have a screen protector for the main display, so I thought I’d just keep the Martin Field’s one for use another time. The screen protector fits perfectly and covers the camera completely! No gaps along the edges. The same is true for the flash protector too. Although I’m not planning to replace the screen protector for the main display just yet, I checked out how they would fit. It seems even this was designed to fit perfectly over every bit of the main LCD display. Wonderful.

The screen protector is practically invisible! The fact that it fits so perfectly and covers the camera window and flash so completely that you practically cannot tell if the screen protector is there or not!

Sample shot without camera window protector

Photos taken with or without the screen protector on the camera window yield practically the same results. Compare the photos here. The first one was taken without the screen protector, the second one has the screen protector.

The screen protector isn’t cheap. But seeing these satisfying results makes the premium cost more justifiable.

The odd thing is that the packaging came with 5 pieces of the clear protection plastic: One for the main LCD display, another for the camera window, another for the flash, and finally one for the secondary camera. The 5th and final piece is exactly the same size and shape for the secondary camera. I don’t know what the 5th one is for, but I suppose it could be a spare for the secondary camera window.

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  1. Hello, I had just received a new camere cover for my nokia. But can you tell me how to dismantle my cover to replace this cam cover.

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