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On 10-10-10

lzsIt’s 10th October 2010. It’s the 10-10-10 date, apparently very popular with many couples to get married on this day. But on this day, the wife is sick. The baby girl is sick. The baby boy is also sick. I woke up with a stuffy nose too, and although it’s clear now, perhaps it’s a sign that I might be falling sick too. The flu bug is making its rounds. We seem to be spending a lot on medical bills this year. I think our insurer must be not-very-pleased. It’s funny how the insurance works. We are encouraged to get sick (or at least, to see the doctor more often).

What’s even more strange is that if we’re going to go to an A&E, it’s cheaper to go on to get admitted and stay in the hospital. Yup. It costs more money to stop the visit at the A&E and return home.

On the Android front: I’ve just started to incorporate intersectRaven’s kernel into my CyanogenMod builds. It’s the AVS code in intersectRaven’s kernel that I want. AVS is Adaptive Voltage Scaling. The kernel can dynamically adjust voltage supplied to the CPU depending on frequency, temperature, and other operating conditions, based on feedback received from the hardware. It sounds very nice. A neat way to conserve battery power without risking impacting the stability of the CPU. But so far, the system seems to be very conservative about it’s voltages. It’s lower than what had originally been hardcoded in the kernel, but a lot higher than my hardcoded modifications (which has been running fine). Well… I’ll need to recompile with more debugging to find out what’s happening.

About the traffic to this blog: Traffic went through the roof last month. I was quite impressed, particularly since the increase was quite notable. I wondered about whether this site had become so famous. That is, until I decided to find out what the fuss was all about. Apparently, a lot of traffic went to a forum that I created on the same site, and it had become used (though not compromised in terms of security) by many people to post all sorts of nonsense.

Oh there’s no specific topic for this post. Just some reflecting happening on 10-10-10, since 10-10-10 sounds like a nice day.

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