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Vanessa, Ian and Isaac

We have three kids! Most people are quite surprised to hear we have three children. We are certainly doing much more than the national average of 1.20 (or 1.08 amongst Chinese). I am, myself, also quite amazed that we’ve come to have three beautiful children, especially when I look at them enjoying each other’s company. Sure, Vanessa and Ian fight from time to time, and little Isaac is stil oblivious to everything, but looking at a photo like this, I can just imagine how much fun they are going to have with each other.

I’ve been prepping Vanessa and Ian about how things are going to be with Isaac around. Vanessa seems to be very happy to become a big sister to her two younger siblings. Her play activities includes pretending to be Mummy. She also contributes ideas about how she can help look after Ian when, in time to come, we all go out together. She’s learning to pick up some responsibilities.

Ian, at this time, is probably too young to become a big brother. He probably sees Isaac as another playmate-to-be. In his eyes, the playmate-to-be doesn’t do much at the moment. We’ll see how it goes when Isaac is ready for his first “gai gai”.

Two kids is quite easy to manage, even on my own. Then, how about three kids? Since Vanessa and Ian can walk on their own, and more or less obey instructions, I imagine it would not be too difficult. The major complication I can see is mainly when they have to go to the toilet. Vanessa needs to be trained to go to the toilet on her own. Ian still wears his diapers when he goes out, so that’s not so much of a problem.

We’re now officially in the three-kids club, and officially in line with Singapore’s “Have Three or More (if you can afford it)” population control programme of 1987. Oh, dear Gahmen, we have three and we can barely afford it. Please help us out more generously.

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