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Free Facebook Business Cards

Did you know you can get yourself a stack of Facebook business cards, free of charge? Oh well, you do have to pay for shipping, which is a reasonably nominal charge. The business cards are really free, no gimmicks, courtesy of Moo. You can order a box of 50 business cards from a convenient link on Facebook. Then you’re sent off to Moo’s website to customize your card, provide delivery details, and pay for the delivery.

Moo’s offer for the free box of 50 business cards is conveniently integrated into Facebook. First, you go to your Timeline, then click on About, then look in the box on Contact Info. There is a small little icon that looks like a business card right up next to the Contact Info title. Click on it, then in the pop-up box that appears, click on Print Cards.

The free business cards have a certain standard template. The front has the look similar to the new Facebook Timeline header. Yup, the wide panorama picture at the top with your face photo inset. Moo automatically pulls these photos from Facebook to build the template. They also pull other data automatically to pre-fill some of the information for your business card.

What’s rather interesting with Moo’s business card printing is that each of your 50 business cards can potentially be different. What happens is that Moo pulls up to 50 cover photos from your Facebook Timeline, and uses them for the large photo on the front of the business cards. If you don’t have that many cover photos, whatever you have will simply be repeated. (In my case, all I had was one cover photo, so all my 50 business cards had the same photo.)

This seems to be the new trend nowadays for people to print business cards with many different designs (or in this case, different photos). Instead of a stack of completely identical cards, you can have a great variety of cards. In this way, you can select different cards to give to different people. Or you could even let people choose which card they want from you.

I think this could be pretty useful in certain trades. For example, photographers can use their business cards as a portfolio to show to potential clients. The clients can then take away whichever card they fancy. That might help them to better remember the person.

Just some tips: Make sure your photos are good high-resolution ones. I was pleased with the paper stock (probably some 300gsm). The letter prints are crisp and sharp. However, the photos didn’t look so great on mine. I’m guessing the photos from my Facebook, while looking great on-screen, weren’t good enough for print.

The business cards are free. So go grab yours today!

1 thought on “Free Facebook Business Cards

  1. thanks, this is interesting to know.

    i’ve come across agencies where the staff gets to choose the colour/motifs/photo on their name card, i think it’s a great idea to make the staff feel that their individuality is respected. especially when such customisation doesn’t come cheap.

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