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Hello Windows 7

Yes, yes, I know, for a “techie” person, I’m awfully behind time moving on to Windows 7. The Windows 8 consumer preview is already out in the wild, and I’m only just getting around to putting Windows 7 on my work desktop. In my defense: I must point out that I’m primarily a Mac user, then a Unix user, and then finally an unwilling Windows user.

My Windows work desktop is there because, well, occasionally, I need Internet Explorer. Or, some other native fat application that runs only on Windows. I have a Windows XP virtual machine on my MacBook Pro, but well, sometimes it is just a little too troublesome to boot up the virtual machine just to click a few things on a website with Internet Explorer. The work desktop that’s always standing by there eagerly waiting to be used comes in handy.

The work desktop had been running Windows Vista previously. I finally had enough of the bunch of silly error and warning messages that I have to endure every time I reboot the computer. It’s time to wipe the computer clean and put a fresh new operating system on it. I don’t do much work on it, so actually I don’t even have much documents or other “stuffs” on it that I need to migrate or backup. Still, I’ve been dragging the upgrade for a long time. It’s a case of “better very late than never at all”.

What am I going to do with Windows 7? Well, it’s for Internet Explorer, and again those few native applications that run only on Windows. I’m also planning to put Oracle VirtualBox on it and run some other operating system, like Solaris, on it.

Sorry, not much love for Windows here.

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