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I’ve been trying to find a small compact little bag. Something that I can use as an alternative to a waist pouch. Particularly if I wanted to carry a bit more things than will fit in a waist pouch. Or a little heavier than can be comfortably held in a waist pouch. I finally found something. It’s this nice looking sling bag from Wenger, cost about S$42 from OG.

Have you heard of the Wenger brand? I’m not very familiar with it myself, apart from their Swiss army knives. It’s a Swiss brand that makes a variety of products, including watches, footwear, outdoor gear, cutlery, drinking bottles and other accessories.

After taking the photo (above), I realized the chair on which the bag is set on makes the latter look larger than it actually is. This is a kid-sized chair. The sling bag’s height is no more than from my elbow to my palm.

There are three compartments to this bag. There is an organizer pocket in the front, a main compartment, and a rear storage compartment. The organizer pocket compartment is not very big, but there are some pockets to hold small items in place.

The main compartment is behind this organizer pocket compartment, and it is somewhat larger. You could easily hold 2 1-litre bottles in there, or perhaps a DSLR. The base is wide, and tapers off towards the top.

Finally, the rear compartment is, well, at the back. I actually didn’t realize it was there until I read the product tag which pointed out the bag had three compartments. The rear compartment is “flat”, so you probably can only use it to store flat-type of things, such as a notebook.

Other features of this sling bag includes an earphone outlet and a handphone pocket in the strap, though the typical smartphones nowadays with their large screen sizes won’t fit in this pocket. The material looks quite hardy, and will probably stand up to a bit of rough use. The product tag says the “M2 fabric” resists tearing and scuffing.

In case you’re wondering… will an iPad fit in it? Yes, but barely. I.e. the zip will close, but the corner will poke at the tapered top of the sling bag. It would have been nice if the bag was just a little big bigger. Or, the iPad was perhaps a little smaller.

If you intend to carry an iPad regularly, this is probably not the most ideal choice. But otherwise, it is a pretty good looking and robust sling bag.

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  1. Dear sir,madam
    I live in the UK can you help to find where i can buy the swiss gear mono sling bag,
    Many thanks

  2. Dear Sir, madam

    I live in Kuching, Sarawak of Malaysia, can help to find where i can buy the swiss mono sling bag,
    Thank you.

    Kenny Lee

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