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Thorn Among Roses

This photo was from about a year ago, and I had shared it on Facebook previously, but it’s so funny I thought I’ll share it on my blog as well. I was browsing through some old photos in my album and this brought back some laughs. This is little Ian, gate-crashing his elder sister Vanessa’s ballet class.

Nevermind that everyone else in the class are girls, all wearing pink ballet costumes, and that his bright yellow T-shirt and blue shorts doesn’t even blend in, Ian is oblivious to the fact that he’s sticking out like a sore thumb.

It’s only because this is the first lesson that the teacher allowed parents to sit inside the studio. Ian was with me then. While I stood aside to not get in the way of the class, Ian was quite the opposite, very eager to join in the lesson. Lucky for him that the teacher did not object.

Just look at what he’s doing, following the teacher’s instructions.

Here, Vanessa is trying to tell him it’s not his class. “Ian, don’t copy us. It’s not your class, go stand behind!”

Clearly, he does not care.

I wonder why there are no boys. There are male ballet dancers too, right? I didn’t check if this class was specifically for girls, or that there just happened to be no boys signed up for the class.

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