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SGS3 Available in Singapore!

If you’re eagerly waiting for Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S III (SGS3), it’s going to be here really soon. Soon as in next week. At the announcement earlier this month, Samsung had put availability in European markets on 29th May 2012, with other parts of the world to follow soon after. So, I had expected that Singapore would get the SGS3 sometime in June.

Well, what do you know? Like the iPhone 4S, Singapore also joins the “1st-tier” countries to get the SGS3! This is the news I heard from M1. They will be holding a launch event on 29th May 2012 from 9pm to 12 midnight. You’ll be able to get your hands on the SGS3 then!

From 11am on 30th May 2012, the SGS3 will be available at all M1 Shops and exclusive distributors. You can also order online from 8:30am on 30th May 2012.

I’ve not heard any word (yet) on when the SGS3 goes on sale at SingTel and StarHub.

There’s also a gift pack available for the first 1,000 customers on a 2-year contract. It’s the same deal with the other 2 telcos. The Essential Accessory Gift Pack, worth S$240, comprises:

  • Flip case
  • Slim case
  • Battery charger and phone holder
  • Extra battery
The battery charger and extra battery will be quite useful, even if you don’t like or don’t want to use their cases. I hardly think these four items are really worth S$240, but maybe S$120 sounds about right, and that’s still a pretty worthwhile offer.

The next big question is, how much will the SGS3 cost on contract? I’ve heard the non-contract price is $998 in Singapore. I think the price on a basic voice+data plan (i.e. something the costs $39/month) with a 2-year contract is probably going to be in the S$498 – S$568 region.

Update (25 May 14:18): Just got back from lunch and saw a few updates. The SGS3 will be available in stores from 30th May. StarHub will also be having a launch party on 29th May from 9pm (the same as M1), no word about SingTel’s party yet, if any. M1 has also released details on their Samsung Galaxy S III page.

Update (28  May): SingTel has announced the SGS3 price. S$498 on a 2-year 3G Flexi Lite plan (S$39/month).

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