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Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

This place in Sentosa used to be a free entry. That’s what I remembered from when I visited eons ago, the only other time I’ve visited this Butterfly Park. Nowadays, it costs $16 per adult. Once inside, you get to spend more money, like $15 per photograph. Simply amazing how an attraction like this has become so commercialized. Just like other tourist attractions like the zoo.

The whole family came here, except for the littlest one, because it was Vanessa’s and Ian’s school excursion. The park was really super humid. I could see the park guide was perspiring profusely too. It was one of those very hot days.

I can’t say it was a very exciting excursion. The two kids were excited to see the live butterflies from a distance, but not to hold the butterflies. I think the humidity also got to them. The enthusiasm from early in the morning and the days before the excursion got pretty much wiped out from their faces.

Apart from butterflies, there was macaws. I didn’t know macaws could live to some 50 years old. They showed us one that was 50 years old. This is where we could have photos taken for $15 each.

Then, we got to the insect kingdom part of the park which was sheltered. Yeah, away from the hot sun. Though the air-conditioning inside wasn’t great either.

That’s about it in the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. We didn’t stay in the park very long because, well, the weather was just quite unbearable.

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