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Baby #1 is Growing Up

I’m reminded that my baby #1 is growing up. Yesterday, her second tooth dropped. Her first tooth dropped two weeks prior to that. Both pulled out by the brave Mummy. Vanessa didn’t complain at all. Oh, maybe just a little bit today. It seems so quick that her permanent teeth are growing out. The process is supposed to start from about age 6. Vanessa’s slightly ahead of schedule.

In other news… Isaac has grown two front teeth. Still pretty much a little baby, definitely. It’s intriguing to see how Vanessa, as the eldest sibling, tries to help look after Isaac. Like hugging him, holding him, talking to him, coaxing him to smile, etc. Great to see the big sister looking out for the littler siblings.

To parents, our babies will forever be babies. Even when they’ve grown up. Still babies. 🙂

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