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HTC One X Held Against The iPhone 5

Despite the Samsung Galaxy S III being the poster boy for Android, someone decided to showcase the HTC One X next to the iPhone 5 while trying to demonstrate iOS6’s maps failure. All the mapping mishaps we’ve been hearing about from elsewhere in the world, well, they are happening here as well. Bukit Panjang, for example, is now smack in the centre of our central catchment area. (Residents of Bukit Panjang, please forgive your friends if they turn up late and dripping wet for your house party or what not.)

This front-page article from the Home section of our Straits Times showed many more mapping mistakes in iOS6. I’m sure many people will still be upgrading to iOS6, and perhaps they’d be careful about the mapping results from the new Maps application. Or, perhaps just not use the Maps application at all. They’ll still love iOS6 overall, and the iPhone 5 too, if they bought it.

Hopefully Apple cleans up their mess fast. It was a long road for Apple too. For a long while, my work place was incorrectly labelled as Pulau Bukom. No, I don’t work there.

I’ve already read about all the iOS6 mapping failures. What was interesting to me about this article was that the Straits Times chose to feature the HTC One X to represent Android. It’s definitely one of the HTC flagship Android phones. But I’d imagine the Samsung Galaxy S III would have been the more popular choice. At any rate, the HTC One X does look quite good next to the iPhone 5, without having to look similar at all to any of the iPhone designs.

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