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Rewarding NSmen


All NSmen, fall in now! The time has come for you to stand up and be recognised for your contributions to our nation. Stand by your computers, go to ns45.safra.sg, and claim your reward! You can get vouchers worth up to $100. Some may even qualify to get a free club membership!

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few months and haven’t heard the news, here’s the scoop. MINDEF, in a one-off recognition initiative to thank National Servicemen for their contributions to defence, has launched the NS45 SAFRA Benefits as part of the 45th Anniversary of National Service (NS).

This is no lucky draw. You just claim the reward, which varies depending on your eligibility criteria. It’s simple:

  • Full-time National Servicemen (NSF): You get $50 worth of SAFRA vouchers.
  • Past statutory age and have not completed ORNS training cycle: You get $80 worth of SAFRA vouchers.
  • Currently serving ORNS: You get $80 worth of SAFRA vouchers, and one year’s SAFRA membership.
  • Completed ORNS training cycle: You get $100 worth of SAFRA vouchers, and one year’s SAFRA membership.

Don’t forget to head over to ns45.safra.sg. It’s a simple and easy four steps to verify your identity, and provide some details such as your address. For those who qualify for the free SAFRA membership, you also get to use $60 of your SAFRA vouchers to buy a 2nd year of SAFRA membership. A one year SAFRA membership usually costs $120.

I know, I can almost hear some of you exclaim that this hardly commensurates the sweat and blood you’ve poured into National Service, let alone the time you’ve sacrificed. That’s two years (or two and a half years for some ) of Full-time NS, and the endless cycles of ICT/reservist training.

Well, look at this positively. It’s a recognition of your dedication and contributions.

Now, if you thought (like I did at first) that the SAFRA vouchers are only good for spending at SAFRA, you are quite wrong. I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised. The SAFRA vouchers are good for use at many merchants other than at the SAFRA clubhouses themselves. I count some 126 different merchants. Here’s a small sampling:

  • F&B: Fish & Co, Swensen’s, NYDC
  • Entertainment: Shaw Theatres, St James Power Station, Timbre
  • Shopping: Capital Malls, Cold Storage
  • IT/Telco: StarHub, Nubox

That’s really plenty, because some of the above like Capital Malls represent a chain of shopping malls. Imagine the number of Capital Malls shopping centres out there, and all the shops you could use your vouchers at.


Then, of course, there’s the SAFRA club membership too, if you qualify. Regardless of when you register, your membership will run from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014. There are five SAFRA club houses, so there should hopefully be one nearby to your home or workplace. Facilities vary at different club houses, but they all at least have a big swimming pool, well equipped gym,  and plenty of dining options. Other facilities like bowling, karaoke,

If you’ve kids, the Kidz Amaze playground is amazing. Available at Jurong and Toa Payoh club houses with 17,000 square feet and 12,700 square feet of space respectively, the kids will go wild in there. Definitely. My two kids would go crazy over that sort of playground. (Actually, I also think it’ll be so fun if I were still small enough to play in there! :P)

All these fun club activities are a great way for NSmen and their families to get-together too. After working together so closely in their various units, this is an opportunity to relax together in their own time!

Also, don’t forget about the chalets and bungalows too! Don’t you love those outings and stay overs? There are the Costa Sands Resort at Downtown East, and Bintan Lagoon Resort Villas. So, if you want to take a short staycation or a short vacation nearby Singapore, you’ve got a couple of wonderful options with SAFRA.

On top of all that, there are all sorts of discounts and perks you can enjoy as a SAFRA member.

So, all NSmen, don’t forget to claim your reward today!

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