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Running Shoes


I’ve not bought running shoes in quite a long while. No, to be more correct, I’ve not bought running shoes from outside an SAF e-mart for a long while. I don’t qualify to get free stuffs from the SAF anymore, which is supposed to be a good thing, since it means I’m done with my ICT and IPPT. However, it has suddenly left me a void when I needed to get a new pair of running shoes.

My last pair, from the SAF, has easily last me something like five years. It was starting to fall apart. The soles had come off, glued back, and, well, come off in other ways.

It was time to find a replacement, and what couldn’t be more convenient was to drop by some sporting shop in the neighbourhood shopping centre. Wow. So many to choose from. Ok, it’s not that I’m really that much of a mountain tortoise. But having been only buying from SAF e-marts for the longest time, where there were only at most two types fo choose from, it’s really quite a change to have so many choices.

Actually, was surprised me was how the branding trends have changed over the years. Reebok, apparently, has become rather affordably priced. It was no longer “premium”.

I’m not really an avid runner. My “shoes requirement” are simple and modest. Comfortable, looks okay, reasonably priced, that will do enough. After a quick survey, and the enticement of a post-CNY 30% discount, I made my choice.




How do the shoes check out? Well, more comfortable, more support, and more springy. But of course it has to be. It’s new and it costs more than the SAF ones.

Like I said, I have just simple requirements. I’m jogging to stay healthy and to keep fit. I seem to have gained a few kilograms since the last year, and my RHR has actually gone up by over 10%. Time to step up my fitness programme.

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