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Logitech MK220 Keyboard and Mouse

DSC07193This is the Logitech MK220 wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s really a pretty ordinary keyboard and mouse combination. Just one thing spectacular about it. The keyboard is quite compact. The whole keyboard is not much larger than the actual space occupied by the keys, and in fact there is no bezel space at all below the keys. There is no dedicated cursor navigation section, and the row of function keys are somewhat smaller in size.

This is a diminutive keyboard. Not in the same way as the Apple Wireless keyboard. Not quite the same as those “hacker’s” keyboard either. It’s just compact on its own way. A minimalistic design of a typical desktop keyboard.

The keys on the MK220 keyboard are quite the proper full-sized ones you’d expect to find on a regular desktop keyboard. It also has the proper key travel, good for people who prefer the kind of tactile feedback from regular keyboards.

Although there is no dedicated cursor navigation section, there are still the usual arrow keys. They are now located under the Shift key, just like how notebook keyboards are typically arranged. There are also the Home, End, PgUp and PgDn keys, now located above the number keypad. It’s not revolutionary. It’s just being functional


The mouse is pretty standard, basic, mouse. It does have a scroll wheel, though even that is quite expected.

This is a somewhat entry-level model in Logitech’s range of wireless keyboards and mice. But I like this keyboard for a specific reason. It serves a very practical purpose for those with limited desk space, or whose desk is already too cluttered.

For me, the wireless nature of the MK220 means I don’t have cumbersome wires running on my desk. I mostly use a notebook, and occasionally the desktop which I’ve attached this MK220 keyboard and mouse. So most of the time, the desktop’s keyboard and mouse would be pushed off to one side, but occasionally I might want to reposition it a little nearer. Having a wire attached gets in the way, and it’s lovely that this thing is wireless.

A wireless receiver dongle connects to your computer via USB. There’s apparently no need to pair the keyboard and mouse with the dongle anymore. I have gotten out-of-touch with these wireless things, because for the last many years I’ve been using bluetooth keyboards and mice.


The MK220 wireless keyboard and mouse is a great value for money combo. It cost me under S$30. It’s compactness and wireless feature makes it great for those with limited desk space and, or, whom wish to avoid the messiness of having an attached cable.

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