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Expert Shield Screen Protector Review

DSC07280Many of us use screen protectors of some sort or other. They serve to protect the vulnerable and fragile display screens of our expensive gadgets. One of the challenges with using a screen protector is with installing it. How many of us have wasted a perfectly good screen protector because we couldn’t get it installed correctly? For me, I’d rather have someone install the screen protector for me. But such an option is not always available.

The kind folks at Expert Shield recently sent me a couple of their screen protectors to try out. Now, every manufacturer will say how great their screen protectors are. But Expert Shield does it differently. They guarantee their screen protectors against bubbles and scratches. That sort of piqued my interest.


Instructions on installing this screen protector couldn’t be any clearer. With some other screen protector products, I’ve been left wondering which side sticks to the screen, what needs peeling out, etc. Expert Shield’s instructions are perfectly straight forward and unambiguous.

I started my test with the screen protector for my Sony DSC-RX100 compact camera. I was a little apprehensive about the installation because I usually don’t do a good job putting on screen protectors. Several times I’ve ruined my screen protectors just trying to put them on. Sometimes I’d hesitate to buy better quality but more pricey screen protectors simply because of the risk of ruining it.

Midway on my first attempt putting on the Expert Shield screen protector on my RX100, I decided to lift it off to redo. I hadn’t put it on perfectly straight. There was just a very slight slant. Expert Shield’s screen protector fit perfectly on the screen. Absolutely exacting in size. You have to be quite precise in aligning the protector to the screen when you put it on, and any slight error could mean parts of the protector would stick out of the screen.

Apart from that, I’m also quite fussy about having my screen protector sit perfectly on the screen. It just wouldn’t look good.

My second attempt, fortunately, went well. The screen protector adhered perfectly to the screen surface. I looked at my handiwork and, lo and behold, there were no bubbles. I’m really pleased.

Once the screen protector is on, I noticed it was slightly more reflective than the RX100’s own screen. See if you can identify which one has the screen protector below. (Actually, the difference is not as great as depicted in the photo. But you would be able to easily tell the difference when you look at them when your own eyes.)


Despite the increased reflection, the screen protector is otherwise very clear and does not distort the image. The material is ultra hard, which not only resists scratches, but also ensures a smooth uniform finish.

The side that sticks to the screen has some sort of silicone gel. It helps the screen protector adhere to the surface, and I suppose it’s the magic that makes for a bubble-free installation. But beware with handling. You know you should not touch that side of the screen protector. This is actually particularly important in the case of Expert Shield. A friend who tried on the other RX100 screen protector accidentally dropped it and was unsuccessful in removing dirt that had adhered under it. Usual remedies like sticky tape did not work to remove the dirt. Not the fault of Expert Shield’s screen protectors of course.

There is only one type of screen protector, the clear one. If you’re looking for privacy filters, matt finish, or some other variation, you’re out of luck.

Expert Shield screen protectors are reasonably affordable. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen protector from Expert Shield costs £6.95, whereas the  Vikuiti (trademark of 3M) screen protector from protectionfilms24 costs £10.24. I chose to compare against the Vikuiti because I know it is a pretty good screen protector, having gotten one for my Nexus One many years ago.


The Expert Shield screen protector is really easy to install. No worries about air bubbles. The guarantee against bubbles and scratches shows the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.


  • Easy to install, no air bubbles
  • Very exacting fit
  • Looks really good


  • Increase reflectivity

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