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Science for Kids

DSC08318Science is an important part of our lives, and it’s never too early to expose our kids to the exciting world of science. As part of the Singapore Science Festival 2013, A*Star and Science Centre Singapore have organised Kids Science Fest, a carnival event targeted at children. It’s also suitable for pre-schoolers. There’s plenty of hands-on activities designed to engage children to learn and understand various concepts in science.

The carnival is located at the Marquee, Singapore Science Centre, and runs from 13 to 19 July, 10am to 6pm. Admission to the carnival is free, but admission to Science Centre still applies.


The list of hands-on activities at the carnival are:

  • Hoopster: Build a flying machine, and learn how
  • Hot Air Balloon: Build a miniature hot-air balloon and watch it rise up as you fill it with heated air.
  • Jovian Landscape: Mix chemicals to create rheoscopic fluids. Observe the currents that move through the fuild.
  • Shoot to the Stars: Design, build and launch your own rocket. See how it flies!
  • Solar System Model: Build a 3-D model of the solar system. Helps to remember the position and relative sizes of the planets.
  • Spinning Spaceship (UFO): Design and build a UFO-shaped device, and set it spinning.
  • Wind Vane: Build a wind vane and tell where the wind is blowing.

Collect a stamp when you complete any of the above activities, and you can redeem a souvenir with a minimum of 4 stamps at the information counter.


There’s also a Science Show “Terra Nova”, which runs at 1pm and 4pm on 13th and 14th July. The show also runs at 12 noon, 1:30pm, and 4pm on 15th to 19th July. The show is about the search of a New Earth “Terra Nova”, and you’ll learn about Earth’s unique characteristics and which of them are present in the newly discovered worlds.


I brought my kids, and although we did not make it for the show, they thoroughly enjoyed the activities. They probably don’t appreciate much of the science yet, but they certainly loved the crafts they did. It’s also a great family bonding activity as parents help their children with the various mini-projects

If you have kids, make sure you go visit the Kids Science Fest this week! It’s also a chance to visit the Singapore Science Centre, and see how science has been brought to life.

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