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HorusBennu NS-BH10S Ball Head


HorusBennu is a Korean brand that makes a number of camera accessories, mainly tripods and tripod heads. I’ve not heard much about them until I started hunting online for budget-friendly tripods. Then from tripods, it went on to ball heads because many of their tripods don’t include the head. This is a review of the NS-BH10S ball head. It’s really budget friendly at just S$23.50.

At this price point, there’s not much to expect in terms of features. But the NS-BH10S does seem to have the basics in there. It includes a quick-release mechanism, quick-release lock, and the plate. It has 1/4″ standard screw mount for the camera, and 3/8″ socket mount for the tripod. There’s even a circular bubble level.

The ball lock lever on the side can be easily re-orientated any direction for your preference. The ball also swivels to a full 90° to the side so you can easily take portrait shots.


The plate is smaller than standard, so you cannot swap them around easily. On the other hand, this more compact plate makes it more suitable for compact cameras and point-and-shoot cameras. There’s a rubber piece on the plate’s surface so that your camera will be protected against scratches against the plate.

The item description speaks of a pan/panorama index, but I couldn’t find anything like it on the NS-BH10S. There’s no way to lock the head into a pure panning mode, so you may have difficulty using this head to create perfect panorama sweeps.

Overall construction of the NS-BH10S is pretty good, at least for something at this price point. It’s not quite designed to take the weight of a large DSLR or heavy lenses. But if you have a compact camera, even those mirror-less system camera, this will hold up pretty well.


Do check out HorusBennu line of tripods and other tripod heads. They do have an interesting selection. I’m waiting delivery for a self-standing monopod, which converts into a tripod (not quite the same as a tripod that is convertible into a monopod).

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