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CyberShock Roadshow

_DSC0284A survey apparently found that Singaporeans are generally not IT security savvy. I don’t know how severe the problem is, but it’s not the first time I’m hearing about it. So, one of the focus areas of our national security has got to do with cyber security. That’s what the CyberShock roadshow is about: educate Singaporeans about IT security risks and how cyber attacks will impact us.

If you’ve got some time this weekend, make a trip down to Suntec City. The CyberShock roadshow is located at the West Atrium, and is open from 11am to 8pm on 4th to 6th October.

CyberShock is presented as a game, centred on a 168,277 pieces LEGO build of “The NATION”. Extending out from the City Centre are five pods representing five different critical infrastructures depended upon by the city.

There’s a different game to play at each pod. The games generally comprise a puzzle, for example, like Tetris or Air Traffic Control. Depending on how well you play, you’ll receive booster questions that are designed to test your understanding of IT security concepts.


Top scorers in the game are tracked on a leaderboard, and the best players can win attractive prizes. Each day, there’ll be an iPad Mini 16GB 4G + WiFi to win, among others. In addition, the ultimate defender at the top of the leaderboard for three days will walk away with the ultimate top prize of US$2000.

Other sidelines at CyberShock include a instant photo booth, temporary tattoos, and a good sized LEGO play area to keep the younger kids busy.

CyberShock is organised by the National Security Coordination Secretariat as part of the larger Let’s Stand Together campaign, which aims to help Singaporeans understand the concept of National Security and its role in their lives. Let’s Stand Together will cover three topics: Cyber Security (which is where CyberShock comes in), Pandemics, and Terrorism.

The organisers plan to move CyberShock around to reach out to more Singaporeans, but there are no confirmed details at this time. If you are interested, you should keep a watch on the Let’s Stand Together Facebook page.

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