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Hogging Playground Equipment


I was recently at a shopping centre playground with my kids. It was crowded, not just with kids, but also their accompanying adults. The kids were truly having a great time. You could say that every inch of the playground was pretty much well used by the kids. All of it, except for a bunch of swings. The swings were occupied by two aunties.

Yes, I understand it was a hot day, and they were probably tired from shopping. They needed to rest, and well, why not on those pretty swings. Now, perhaps the swings were not occupied at that instance in time they were eyeing it, so they didn’t think they were depriving any kid of playing on those swings. But, haven’t they thought that, subsequently, no kid could, or wanted to, play on those swings because they were hogging them?

These swings were probably the most comfortable choices around. The alternative would be some steps on the ground, under the hot sun. The swings had some shade.

Still, I just wonder why couldn’t they understand that some kids might just want to play on those swings. No, it’s not that hey couldn’t understand; it’s more like they couldn’t care. How sad for the little kids.

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