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Vanessa Having Fun With Water

We brought Vanessa to the Jacob¬†Ballas Children’s Garden last weekend for some photo taking. At the end of it, she (and the other kids) were playing around in the water feature. Vanessa was having so much fun with the water. She tried to stand exactly where the water would land on her face. Then, she was practically tasting a bit of all the water that was spouting out from all over the water feature.

We’ve noticed how since young she always enjoys her bath, and how she loved to play with the water. When she was slightly older, we brought her to the swimming pool. It was like her giant bath tub. She was so happy splashing the water all around. Quite a stark contrast with other babies at the swimming pool who would typically be feeling uneasy and stressed.

I wonder if she’ll grow up loving to swim, and hmm become a great swimmer?

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