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Lego Toys via AmazonGlobal Saver

_DSC0382These Lego toys cost less than US$5. Purchased from Amazon, with free shipping all the way to Singapore, thanks to AmazonGlobal Saver shipping. It’s really awesome to find such deals. Lego toys, as you know, aren’t cheap in our retail channels. I don’t see such great deals in our local online shops either.

AmazonGlobal Saver shipping does require purchase of at least US$125 of qualifying products. So when I heard someone had a couple of these Lego sets to order, I tagged along. I was looking for sets at around US$5, and it’s not easy sieving through Amazon’s catalogue.

My kids love these small Lego sets. In the past, I’m actually the one doing the building and they’ll just watch. They’re growing older now, so they are able to help along. The eldest one is pretty much able to build the set independently now.

This is the Lego Creator 31015 Emerald Express. You can build three different models with the 56 pieces in the box. In addition to the Emerald Express pictured below, instructions are included for building a rocket train and a train carriage.


Then here’s the Lego Creator 31013 Red Thunder. You can also build three different models with the 66 pieces in the box. Apart from the Red Thunder helicopter pictured below, you can also build a biplane and a boat.


These are smallish Lego sets. Not the big ones. Not as small as Nanoblocks. The train measures a little over 2″ high (mainly because of the funnel) while the helicopter is little over 1″ high.

There are many other Lego sets like these, especially if you stretch your budget to the US$10 range, but you’ll have to dig through the Amazon store. I wish Amazon will more clearly list, for the sake of International shoppers, items that qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver.

Update: A reader bitbyte contributed some times on searching for qualifying products.

You can filter search results to show items that qualify for AmazonGlobal Saver. For example, when searching for Lego in Toys & Games, look for International Shipping under the Refine by section in the left column. Tick the AmazonGlobal Eligible checkbox. Then, look for items with the Amazon Prime logo, which indicate that they are sold by Amazon themselves, one of the requisites for AmazonGlobal Saver. Alternatively, do your shopping on http://www.amazonglobal.com/.

It’s really helpful. Thanks bitbyte.

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