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Computing Is Hot Again

_DSC0814-Edit-EditSo apparently Computing is the in-thing again, according to a Straits Times article this week. We are attracting better students who prefer to choose us over other options. I suppose this is also helped in part by the high rankings earned by both the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the School of Computing.

NUS is ranked first in the 2014 QS University Rankings for Asia. Similarly, by subject, NUS’ Computer Science and Information Systems, which is the School of Computing, is ranked Asia’s first and the ninth worldwide in the 2014 QS World University Rankings by Subject. We love to talk about rankings, so I guess this means we’re really doing pretty well.

Apart from that, I suppose computer science is really getting some glory again, after the dot-com bubble burst. Cool IT companies are being bought over at insane prices. Even local companies like Zopim, which was incubated in NUS, is getting bought. I mention Zopim in particular because their co-founder is from School of Computing.

Prospective students should beware, it’s not all a bed of roses. Oh yes, it actually is, just remember that roses have lots of thorns. It’s hard work. But I suppose it may pay off. Many promising startups are churned out from School of Computing.

Even if you don’t start a company, working for someone is fine too. Recent years of the Graduate Employment Survey have shown Computing graduates are getting a pretty decent pay too. The median gross salary ranges from $3005 to $3425, depending on the degree specialisation. That’s better than engineering, arts, and about all of science (except pharmacy) graduates.

So either way is good, whether you work for someone or you build your own company.

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