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Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Review

_DSC0913Until now, if I needed any surface to glide my mice on, it has always been free or next-to-free mouse pads. This marks the first time I’m forking out more than a few dollars for a mouse pad. This one, of course, is no ordinary mouse pad. This is the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition mouse mat.

Coming from a company that specialises in products targeted at gamers, you can expect that Razer mouse mats are quite special. Indeed, Razer makes so many types of mouse gliding surfaces, even this Goliathus line has two versions: the Speed Edition and the Control Edition. One is for speed and responsiveness, the other is for precision.

In fact, Razer sells each of those versions in four different sizes: small, medium, large and extended. I got myself the extended version. It’s so large you could not call it a mouse pad. It’s a mat. In fact, it’s so large I can put my notebook on it and still have generous gliding surface on both sides. It’s extended size is simply amazing.


The top of the mouse mat is made out of a slick, taut fabric weave that enhances speedy mouse movements. The bottom is made of an anti-slip rubber base, so you can be sure the mouse mat stays firmly on your desk. The frame of the mouse mat is also stitched, so no worries about it fraying over time.

I use an Apple Magic Mouse, and I couldn’t be happier with sliding it around on this new mouse mat. I’m not a gamer. I certainly don’t need the speed and responsiveness required by gamers. But I still appreciate the capabilities of this mouse mat.


In case the extended size is too overwhelming for you, check out the dimensions of all the sizes available.

Small 215mm x 270mm
Medium 254mm x 355mm
Large 355mm x 444mm
Extended 294mm x 920mm

I picked this Razer Gloliathus Speed Edition mouse mat from Amazon. It ships directly to Singapore and also qualifies for AmazonGlobal Saver. I don’t recommend buying from the Razer store, because it’s quite a bit more costly there.



The Razer Goliathus Speed Edition mouse mat is really nice to use. With multiple sizes available, you can easily find one to suit your desk.


  • Good material, mouse glides effortlessly over surface
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom
  • Multiple sizes available to suit your needs


  • This is really being picky, but perhaps non-Razer fans might not like the printed design

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