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SingTel Announces iPhone 3G Prices

Hello, Singapore. SingTel has announced their iPhone 3G prices. You could get the phone free, if you’re willing to shell out $205 every month for the next 24 months. The prices are high, but not unexpected (see here and here). Once M1 and StarHub get into the fray, the prices might fall. Or it might drop anyway soon after launch, because Singaporeans are not going to fall simply for the iPhone “wow” factor.

So here are the details. SingTel has introduced three new voice+data plans to go with the iPhone 3G. At $56 a month, the iPhone 3G goes for $348 and $508 (8GB and 16GB models respectively); At $95 a month, the iPhone 3G goes for $49 and $208 (8GB and 16GB models respectively); At $205 a month, the iPhone 3G is free. All these are with a 24 month contract.

Subscribers on existing voice-only plans can also get the subsidized iPhone 3G. It’s $698 and $848 for the iPhone 3G (8GB and 16GB models respectively) with the $25.68 plan; $348 and $508 with the $48.15 plan; $49 and $208 with the $82.93 plan; Free for the $192.60 plan. These have a 24 month contract too, and you’d probably need to add on a data service on top of the voice plan, otherwise your iPhone 3G will be data-less (or cost a bomb to use data without a data plan).

How does the iPhone 3G price stack up with other phones in Singapore? Let’s analyse the numbers a little.

With a $25.68 voice plan on a 24-month contract, I can get the N95 8GB for about $628. Total cost over 24 months is $1244.32. The iPhone 3G, however, will cost me $1314.32 (8GB model) or $1464.32 (16GB model) over 24 months with the same plan.

The N95 8GB definitely beats the iPhone 3G in functionality, although the “wow” factor award probably goes to the iPhone 3G.

What will Singapore buyers choose?

The iPhone 3G goes on sale at SingTel’s ComCentre headquarters at the stroke of midnight on 22nd August 2008. It’ll be fun to see if queues form up like elsewhere in the world. Singaporeans, afterall, love queueing (yeah, remember the queueing and fighting over Hello Kitty at MacDonalds).

M1 and StarHub will get their hands on the iPhone 3G in time for Christmas. This gives SingTel a little head start. I imagine there will be a price correction shortly before M1 and StarHub jumps onboard, but not before diehard iPhone 3G fans have signed themselves over to SingTel (at least for the next two years).

Note: All prices where are in Singapore Dollars, unless otherwise stated.

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