Jabra JX10

[photopress:20070923362.jpg,thumb,pp_image]After much hesitation and consideration, I finally got myself the Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset. The hesitation came about because while practically every review I’ve read on the Internet seems to say it is a great design, personally I didn’t particularly think so. I agree it isn’t bad looking at all, but I thought there were other more interesting looking models from, say, Plantronics. Most of the time the JX10s featured on the net are the original silver colour ones; The black ones (which I got) do look cooler, and the burgundy ones I subsequently discovered were also available are even nicer.

But anyhow, most reviews do agree that the JX10 is also excellent in function. Superb audio quality with great sound clarity (how you hear the other party, and how the other party hears you) and loud volume. The JX10 features a digital signal processor that automatically adjusts volume levels while reducing background noise, a good enough reason for people like me who need an explanation on why it’s better.

[photopress:20070928433.jpg,thumb,pp_image]The JX10 ships with both a sleek desktop charging cradle, an AC charging adapter and USB charging adapter. The AC and USB charging adapters can either plug directly into the headset, or via the desktop charging cradle.

One thing I’m missing with the JX10 is the ear gel. Although many reviewers thought the headset fit perfectly in their ears, I felt it was not totally comfortable. Ear gels might have been better. Or perhaps I’ve become too used to th ear gels I had with my previous Jabra BT250v.

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  1. The JX10 have ear gels after all. Check it out here: https://zitseng.com/archives/86

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