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Mi Teddy Bunny

XIaomi Mi Teddy BunnyNot many people may know that Xiaomi sells this — a cute fluffy teddy bunny. It’s listed in Xiaomi’s web store, and if you’ve come across it, I think you might be left wondering why Xiaomi is selling it. The item page seems to also be lacking in useful information about what exactly this fluffy toy is.

One of my kids wanted one. It costs only S$12.99. It seems very reasonable. The problem is, there is no reference or specifications about its actual size. I wondered if this might be one of those charms you hang off a mobile phone, in which case it would be very tiny, just maybe one-inch tall at most. S$12.99 would suddenly seem a little expensive for a one-inch toy.

I searched the Internet. No one seems to be writing about it, or at least there was nothing I could find. I got the Mi Teddy Bunny anyway. So, for your information, in case you are also eyeing this toy, it measures about 26 cm high. It’s not a smallish accessory you attach to your smartphone. It is far too big for that. I thin it’s just the right size for a child to hug.

To the folks at Xiaomi, the only “specs” listed on your website is that the colour of the bunny is brown. Thank you very much, I can see it as much. I think it would be very helpful to know about its size. Yes, it’s 26 cm high.


As you can see in the photo above, the bunny is sort of wearing a bear suit. Or, you can sort of imagine that the bunny is in the bear’s mouth, like as if the bear has eaten the bunny, except that the bunny’s ears are poking out behind the bear’s ears.

The teddy is also available in Pink. It’s just the bear suit that is in a different colour. The Mi Teddy Bunny is described to use 100% safe PP cotton filling. I’ve no idea what PP means. (Again, Xiaomi, a little help?)

The Mi Teddy Bunny is well made. There’s quite a bit of stuffing in it, so it feels quite, how shall I say, meaty? The “fur” is nice and soft. For just S$12.99, I think this is a really good value, something I’ve come to expect from Xiaomi.

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  1. Hello friend, could you tell me where i can buy one please? Very interested in brown one (i saw pink is available on some websites too)

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