Pre-Comex Shopping

Another item I acquired during my pre-Comex shopping trip last weekend is this notebook cooler pad. It has two fans, is slightly elevated at the back so that it is tilted forward, and it emits a cool blue hue when it’s running. I know, these things are quite common and indeed I’ve seen them many times, but this is only the second notebook cooler pad that I’ve purchased, so it is still cool to me.

I also bought a Maxtor One Touch 4 external disk drive last weekend, which I’m now regretting because it is so much cheaper at Comex. Yes, today is day 2 of Comex, and the first time in a long while since I visited a computer fair.

There was also the Logitech mouse which I mentioned previously. Yeah, I know, why did I go shopping when there is Comex coming up? Well, actually it started off having the need to replace a dying hard disk. The original plan was to buy a new hard disk, just a simple internal IDE hard disk, but I somehow ended up buying an external USB hard disk. One thing led to another.

But I still did go to Comex, which I will blog about later.

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