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Jabra Move Wireless Review

The Jabra Move Wireless is an on-ear Bluetooth headset with a hint of stylish sportiness in its design. Previously available in red, blue and black, Jabra this month announced a new gold colour which I have here for this review. The new colour will give Jabra fans yet another choice in finding something to suit their style and personality.

To be clear, this is a headset, which means the Jabra Move Wireless includes an omni-directional microphone so that you can use them with a smartphone to take phone calls.

Sporting quite a simple and understated design, the Jabra Move Wireless does have some subtle style statements, like the zig-zag arm that extends from the headband to the ear cups. These extensible arms allow you to adjust the ear cup positions to suit your comfort, and they retract into the headband itself, giving the Jabra Move Wireless a clean look. The headband is made with stainless steel, giving it both strength and plenty of flexibility.

The ear pads are generously cushioned, so you can probably enjoy long hours of listening without getting uncomfortable, though they don’t provide as much noise isolation as I’d like. The underside of the headband is also padded with cushioning. The entire headset weighs just 150 g.

Jabra MOVE

The left and right side indicators are printed on the inside of the ear pads itself. The left ear cup has a Micro-USB charging port, and a power switch. A 4 mm omni-directional microphone is hidden in this ear cup. The Jabra Move Wireless supports HD Voice,

The volume controls and a multi-function button are on the right ear cup. The volume controls, as you’d expect, also double to skip track forward or backward with a long press. The multi-function button can be used to pause and play music, or answer and end calls.

Jabra MOVE

Although it’s primarily meant to be used as a wireless Bluetooth headset, the Jabra Move Wireless includes a 3.5 mm audio jack on the right ear cup which offers a tethered connection to your audio source. A 3.5 mm audio cable is provided in the box for your wired listening convenience. I suppose the wired option might be useful if, for example, the battery runs out. Hopefully, in that situation, you have that audio cable handy around you.

The battery lasts 8 hours, with up to 288 hours of standby. Full charge time is about 1 to 2 hours.

The Jabra Move Wireless is easy to setup and use, in part because it’s Bluetooth is always in pairing mode. Furthermore, the headset can support two simultaneous active connection at the same time. This means that, for example, the Jabra Move Wireless can receive and play audio from both your notebook computer and your smartphone at the same time. This can be useful when you want to play music from your notebook computer, but still be able to hear alarms and notification tones from your smartphone.

Jabra Move Wireless

Sound is produced by a pair of 40 mm drivers. Jabra speaks of its signature DSP producing unrivalled digital sound. For what it’s worth, the Jabra Move Wireless delivers decent audio quality. I found bass to be satisfactorily punchy, and both the mids and highs come through quite pleasant sounding. I try not to get overly excited describing its sound quality because, honestly, this headset is clearly not audiophile grade. If sound quality truly matters a big deal, you’d not be looking in this price category.

The Jabra Move Wireless is available at Apple premium resellers, Challenger, Digital Style, Harvey Norman stores and authorised Jabra resellers, and at Jabra’s GoWireless online store www.gowireless.com.sg at S$148.


The Jabra Move Wireless looks nice, sounds good, does pretty much anything you’d expect from a Bluetooth headset, and is affordable.


  • Simple but nice design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Takes calls, includes call and music controls


  • Poor noise isolation

6 thoughts on “Jabra Move Wireless Review

  1. Nice write up. I’ve been looking at cutting the cord for a while now, and am willing to risk the sonic trade offs that inevitably come with Bluetooth.. High on my list is finding a decent pair of wireless headphones with a relatively flat sound signature – without breaking the bank. These look like they’re priced right, but I’m not too sure about the sound. Though I’ve read good things. I haven’t been able to demo them anywhere, so I don’t have a personal opinion. Do you think these would fit the bill? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. Hey zitseng, I got the same colour as you. Can include in cons, the ear cups are not replaceable. My one started breaking at the seams after a while. Might be moisture but still, it’s sport earphones right. At least they decided to replace it for me

      1. Called them up.. They charge S$30 for a pair of replacement cushions, and they only have them in black. No red/blue if your model is red or blue.

        Alternatively if you have friends staying in Malaysia, found a link from Jabra Forums selling at RM32 with free delivery within Malaysia. Also only in black, but at 33% of the price if you would buy them locally.

        I’ve even checked on eBay, official Jabra store sells for US$12 + US$19 shipping. Ouch!

    1. Was looking in Jabra Forums and feeds for replacement ear cushions and it seems the Jabra Move’s number 1 killer fault is that the ear cups come apart exposing the white sponge inside. *sigh*

  3. I have the exact black + gold Jabra Move wireless headphones. They were great for use in the office, going to work, at the gym — until the ear cushions on the Left side decided to split apart at the seams 🙁 Now I’m back on using wired earbuds (and absolutely hating the wire). Where can I find Ear Cushion replacements that don’t cost a bomb — and if it is expensive, does it include free service for repairing it?? I don’t even know where to begin looking at how to tear the original cups from the headset?? Help!

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