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Retro Consoles

On display now at the NUS Cyber Gaming Festival 2015 is a bunch of retro console games. No, there are no Play Stations and there are no Xboxes. These are from an era of console games that the current generation of gaming youngsters have likely not seen before. If you are older, well, perhaps seeing these gadgets could bring back some nostalgia.

Retro Console Games 1

That gadget in the top left corner is really old. It’s a Magnavox Odyssey from way back in 1972. It predates the Atari Pong games.

There is a Nintendo console on display, though of course nothing like the Wii or 3DS that you might be more familiar with.

Strangely enough, I’ve not actually owned or played these games. I had played games on my compatible Apple ][ computer, and I had played games on my IBM-compatible computer. Somehow I seemed to have skipped over consoles. Even now, no Play Stations and no Xboxes at home. Although, I think, at some point I might explore one of these options.


If you’re interested to see or reminisce over these console games, it’s on display at the sidelines of the NUS Cyber Gaming Festival 2015, held at the School of Computing. Of course, the game competition is playing modern games like DOTA 2 and Hearthstone, and you can get in on some action there too if that’s what you prefer.

Pac Man

But, if you really, really, love the retro games, they do actually have some working consoles. Anyone interested in Pac-Man?

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