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MaxOnline or M1 Fixed Broadband

My StarHub MaxOnline contract has run out (actually already for some time), so I’m looking at various options. The idea of SingTel’s Mio plans had come up at some point too. But right now what seems quite attractive is M1’s new Fixed Broadband service. Basically it rides on the same HFC cable TV infrastructure that StarHub runs to the our homes.

On the surface, the M1 packages are quite competitively priced. I’m currently using MaxOnline Premium (12Mbps). Let’s compare this with M1’s 15Mbps plan over a 24-month contract.

With StarHub, if I take the promotion with the Apple Time Capsule over 24 months I’ve to fork out $1756.56. Less $88 if I take up the Hubber Bonus for subscription rebates. The Time Capsule is supposedly worth $489. So the net cost for the MaxOnline service itself comes up to $1179.56.

With M1’s 15Mbps fixed broadband, $50.70 (for existing M1 customers) over 24 months will cost me $1216.80. There’s also a $32.10 activation fee not yet included. It comes with a cable modem too, which is probably worth about $90. So the net cost for this M1’s service is $1126.80. Also, bear in mind that this is for 15Mbps, versus StarHub’s 12Mbps.

If you adjust to a per-Mbps per-month basis, StarHub’s cost is about $4.10, while M1’s cost is $3.13. Furthermore, M1’s 15Mbps plan offers 512Kbps upload speed, better than MaxOnline Premium’s 384Kbps.

Sounds like M1’s offer is better? Of course there is the $32.10 cost to switch (the “activation fee”), and I believe M1 doesn’t offer digital voice.

I’ve not explored all the StarHub promotions of course. The Hubber Bonus, also offers better valued items such as a D-Link 802.11n wireless router (which is worth $159 but why would I want that if I take up the Apple Time Capsule promotion). Perhaps there might be something from StarHub that works out better.

Has anyone tried M1’s Fixed Broadband?

Update: I’ve learnt some things about M1 Fixed Broadband. Read about it.

4 thoughts on “MaxOnline or M1 Fixed Broadband

  1. Hi, are you Lai from acjc (89).

    I think it really depends on what you use it for. If it is local contents, Starhub or Maxonline should be fine. Anything beyond our shores, think the ADSL from Singnet are more worthwhile.

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