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Software v30.0.018 for N95 8GB

The Nokia N95 8GB seems to be getting fairly regular software updates. That’s a good thing, since each new version introduces new features, updates existing features, improves functionality, or fixes problems. The last software update was v20.0.016 and was released about 5 months ago. The latest software is now v30.0.018 which seems to have been released since 4 September 2008 (yeah, I’m a bit slow to pick it up this time around).

A change log has been posted on The Symbian Blog. Notable new features include Maps 2.0, full version of N-Gage, Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plugin and Share on Ovi. Many of these features were already also available as separate downloads previously. There’s also a bunch of other improvements.

For some reason this time around, although the software upgrade itself worked perfectly, the restore from backup created some problems. For example, there were quirks like my Access Points all being defined twice (with identical names). It happened before, but while previously a reset and re-restore worked fine, it didn’t work this time. So for the first time, I decided to give up on restoring from backup. Most of my “precious” information is already sync’ed to my notebook, so it is not a problem to get back my contacts and calendar information. (It’s probably a good idea to not restore all the cruft built up from several months of use back into the phone anyway…)

1 thought on “Software v30.0.018 for N95 8GB

  1. hallo. i am from cyprus so forgive me if my english is no good. i update my nokia n95 8gb firmware to v30.0.018 and its seems to be slower than the oldest. if someone knows the proplem pls tell me. THANKSSS

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