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Mi Band Pulse

Xiaomi, which is a relatively new consumer electronics company, has made quite an impact on the smartphone market with their really affordably priced Android smartphones which have both good hardware and pleasant designs. Last year, they ventured into wearables, with also a very affordable Mi Band. They just announced the Mi Band Pulse, which promises to be equally exciting.

Xiaomi Mi Band

The original Mi Band (photo above) was a perfectly functional pedometer and sleep monitoring wearable. It looks pretty good. The best part of it, it costs only S$19.99. At this sort of price, you don’t think if a pedometer might be useful to you. You just buy it. It’s more costly for you to spend time thinking anymore.

The new Mi Band Pulse adds, and you can probably guess, a heart rate monitoring. it still looks like the Mi Band, with the same shape, IP67 water resistance, three LEDs on the top, and battery life, except it now features an optical heart rate sensor on the bottom-side of the gadget.

I am surprised, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been, that the heart rate monitor didn’t add much to the price of the Mi Band Pulse. It sells for 99 Yuan (about S$22.07). It’s just a fraction of what you’d have to pay for some other heart rate monitor.

Unfortunately, the Mi Band Pulse is currently available only in China. Xiaomi has yet to reveal information about international availability. I certainly hope one will land in Singapore for, under S$25!

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